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About NHIC           
The New Haven Improvisers Collective is a loose organization of people who support and participate in improvised music.   We run regular workshops to foster the community, help each other develop musically, and have some fun.  We perform from time to time in different configurations and contexts to see what is possible.    We support the music, the musician, and the community.

Improvised music has a lot to offer the musician and music lover.  All musicians will benefit from a practice of letting go of their usual constraints.  We will not teach you how to improvise, you already know how.   NHIC provides the opportunity to develop your skills and awareness and be part of something that is about the music and the group. For music lovers, improvised music gives us the opportunity to be closer to music at its creation.  This can be exciting and transcendent in ways that cannot be matched by other forms of expression.  The lack of commercial appeal of this music keeps it pure and allows easier and more affordable access to world class artists.

One will get out of NHIC in proportion to what you can put into it, but there are no minimums.  Be part of it in any measure that your life allows.  And if your life doesn't allow it for awhile, come back later.  NHIC will be here.

MUSICIANS - all styles and all instruments are welcome.  All musicians with an interest will benefit.  Here are some thoughts on categories of musicians and how they can benefit.
MUSIC LOVERS - People who want to be involved in the music in non-musician roles are welcome also.

Bob Gorry :  I am a guitar player and a great lover of leading edge improvised music.  I host a Jazz radio program on WNHU that focuses on jazz and free jazz oriented music.  By profession I am an electrical engineer specializing in designing high-end audio and video equipment at AeVee Laboratories.  I took degrees in Electrical Engineering (Digital Signal Processing) at UCONN and Yale University.   I live with my family in the wonderful town of New Haven, CT.    email Bob

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