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FALL 2010

August 28th, Saturday - Mayhem Circus Electric as part of Clean Energy Expo in Morris, CT

Sept 10th, Friday - Taylor Ho Bynum at Firehouse12, kicking off the Fall Firehouse12 series and Taylor Ho Bynum'ss Acoustic Bicycle tour.  www.firehouse12.com

Sept 11th, Saturday  - The Uncertainty Music Series presents  SHACK with

Sept 16th, Thursday - NHIC Performance of New Music, 8pm at Never Ending Books, 
810 State Street, New Haven

Sept 27th, Monday -  NHIC Open Workshop 8pm.  Never Ending Books, 810 State Street, New Haven

Nov 20th Saturday - NHIC Atlas and Mayhem Circus Electric, Firehouse12, 45 Crown St, New Haven, CT


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