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NHIC Recommended Reading

Derek Bailey
Improvisation - Its Nature and Practice in Music
Discusses approaches to improvisation in many kinds of music (inidan, f;amenco, barouque, rock, jazz, free).  Includes exerpts from interviews with musicians.  It really revs up in the second half when Mr Bailey talks about his work and the work of his associates.  Highly recommended
Ekkehard Jost  Free Jazz Discussion and musical analysis of Free Jazz / New Thing practitioners in the 1960s.  Coltrane, Mingus, Ornette, Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, AACM (AEC, Braxton, et al), Sun Ra . . .
Talking Music
Conversations with 20th century american composers from John Cage through John Zorn (Milton Babbit, LaMonte Young,  Riley, Glass, Reich,  Laurie Anderson, Glenn Branca and more).  Interesting stuff.
John Tchicai Advice For Improvisers This one is very hard to find and this rarity along with Mr. Tchicai's abilities increased its value for me.  It is quite light however, consisting of a short essay followed by some written out exercises.

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